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Stegall�s Arena

Roundman Rodeo Company

3601 Odell School Rd

Concord, NC  28027





Assumption of risk agreement and release of all claims for anywhere in the continental USA




                    The undersigned herby specifically and expressly assumes any and all responsibility for any and all risk of damage or personal injury that my occur to the undersigned and/or any property owned by the undersigned as a contestant or participant in any events sanctioned by Roundman Rodeo Company/Stegall�s Arena which shall take place on the grounds and/or property leased, or owned or rented by Roundman Rodeo Company/Stegall�s Arena of Concord, NC or any person, company, individual, or corporation that is sanctioning a Roundman Rodeo Company/Stegall�s Arena event on any dates from January 1, 2016  thru December 31, 2016.


                    In consideration of being accepted and approved as a contestant or participant in said rodeo the undersigned hereby specifically and expressly releases and discharges Roundman Rodeo Company/Stegall�s Arena (including any and all of its owners, whether individuals, partnerships, or corporations) and/or employees of Roundman Rodeo Company/Stegall�s Arena from any and all claims, demands, rights of causes of action, past present and future, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, and resulting from or arising out of, or incident to, the undersigned�s participation or intended participation in the rodeo�s on the dates set forth above, or resulting from or arising out of, or incident to the undersigned use or intended use of the individuals, corporation of entities hereby released.



I have read this and do fully understand and execute this Assumption of Risk Agreement and Release.



Signed this ____ day of ___________________________________2016


Email address ____________________________________________________________________________


Name   _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Signature of Participant ____________________________________________________________________________________


Parent Signature __________________________________________________________________________________________


Notary Signature __________________________________________________________________________________________


                                     This release is signed before me______________.  My commission Expires: ______________




Printed Name: __________________________________________________________(BIRTHDAY)_______________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Telephone: (HOME)_________________________________________(CELL)__________________________________________


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